Gerry Klok (269-382-1816)
Trent Kissel (269-377-8315)
Rick Wadsworth (269-484-4224)


Jason Wadsworth: Activities(269-217-7164)
Jeff Marshall: Finance(269-330-3542) 
Reid Jones: Worship(269-254-3522)
Bascom Peebles: Benevolence(269-547-0814

Scott Hitchcock: Education(870-450-2695)

What To Expect

Prayers and Sermons



At our congregation, we believe in the power of prayer and God's word. When you visit, you will hear many spoken prayers and a 25-30 minute long lesson. We hope you find it refreshing, Bible-centered, and applicable to your life. 
​We encourage you to wear whatver makes you feel most comfortable while you worship. 
One of the unique things about our congregation is that our music is acapella; we sing without the use of musical instruments. We love the beauty and joy of worshipping God from our hearts with our voices. We hope you will find the singing meaningful and uplifting, with everyone being invited to participate. 

Financial Offering


During communion, trays will also be passed to collect a weekly financial offering. As our guest, your gift to us is your presence; please do not feel any pressure to contribute at this time.  If you choose to contribute, we thank you for your generosity!
Communion is also included in our worship service. During this time, trays of unleavened bread (symbolizing the body of Jesus) and cups of grape juice (symbolizing the blood of Jesus) will be passed throughout the auditorium. Communion participation is left to the individual.

How to Become a Member

We are a congregation of Christians, followers of Christ. We invite and encourage you to join us in fellowship, worship, and service to God.

As Christians, we are people who believe in Jesus Christ, confess that He is the Messiah, the Son of the living God, repent of our sins, and have been immersed into Him through the watery grave of baptism. We recognize this kind of baptism as the only way set forth in the Bible to receive forgiveness of sins through the blood of Christ and the gift of the Holy Spirit, which is the power of God. We also recognize that baptism into Christ is the beginning of life as a Christian. Baptism is not the goal, but is a "new birth," the beginning of a new life in Christ. Obedience to Christ as our Lord and Savior is our aim.

We recognize that this kind of baptism is practiced in other places. However, there are some forms of baptism (i.e. sprinkling, pouring, christening) or for a different reason (i.e. to join a church, without their own faith, as an infant, to please someone). We do not recognize these other modes or reasons as conforming to Biblical baptism.

As Christians, we are people who are not perfect, but who make every effort to live life as a faithful witness to Christ, obedient to God's word. It is our goal to help and encourage each other in this continuing effort.

If you have any questions about this teaching, please let us know. We would consider it a privilege to sit down and study the Bible with you on these matters. 

Let us know your desire to become a member. You will be introduced to the congregation as soon as possible after we have this information. 

​We are here to assist you to the best of our ability. If you need clarification on anything or have additional questions, please let us know!